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See exactly how teammates fit in your company
See exactly how teammates fit in your company

Get an accurate view of how your company actually works together and how every teammate fits in with Reporting Lines

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Every company has an employee directory, but they’re often not all that useful on their own. Traditional employee directories give you a top-down view of how your company is structured – great if you need to build an org chart but not helpful in moving their work forward. They’re not connected to the work, and as a result, they can’t reflect the reality of how your company works together and what people are working on. With Atlas you get the best of both worlds.

See where teammates fit in with Reporting Lines

By syncing the manager attribute from your Identify Provider (e.g. Okta) with Atlas, you’ll be able to see where every teammate fits in your company's org chart. Just hover over any teammate's name in Atlas (or in any connected Confluence/Jira Cloud Workspace) to see a snapshot of who they are, who they report to, and anyone that reports to them.

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For more information, visit an individual's profile to see what they’re working on, and how they fit into your company.

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See the self-formed teams that teammates are a member of

Not only do you have a top-down view of your company, but you’ve also got the bottoms-up view of self-formed teams, who each have their own profile as well.

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Filter projects and goals by Reporting Lines

The Reporting line filter in the Projects and Goals directories, allow you to select a manager to see all the projects or goals worked on by any of their direct or indirect reports. It's great for program managers who need a quick way to create “roll-up reports" for leaders.

Hot tip

Combined with the ability to export to CSV and embed in Confluence and Jira, it's never been easier to create custom reports and answer specific questions about the work happening across your company.

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