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Add owners and contributors to projects
Add owners and contributors to projects

How to and why you should add teams and team members to projects

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Every project should have an owner and it's common for projects to have more than a single contributor from more than one team.

With Atlas you can assign an owner to every project (and goal) and as many contributors from as many teams as you like. Here's how and what happens when you do.

Project owners

When you create a project you are automatically assigned as the owner of that project. You can change the Project owner at any time from the right-hand sidebar of the project.

⚠️ You can only change the owner if you have been added as a contributor.

What happens when you are the project owner?

Project owners receive a reminder to update the status of their projects each week by email, Slack, or both. You can modify your notification preferences in your personal settings in Atlas.

Project owners are also automatically added as a follower of the project and the project will appear under Projects and goals on their profile.

Project Contributors

You can add individuals, entire teams, and specific members of a team to a project in Atlas.

What happens when you are added as a contributor to a project?

Contributors are automatically added as followers to the project. The project will also appear on their profile under Projects and goals. When teams - either an entire team or specific team members - are added as a contributor, the project will appear on the team's profile.

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