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Save, share and embed tailored views of the project and goal directory
Save, share and embed tailored views of the project and goal directory
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Do you find yourself filtering the project or goal directory in Atlas by the same filters every time, just to get to a view that is most relevant for you? In Atlas, our aim is to help reduce the signal-to-noise so that information is kept accessible, but you can quickly loop into the work that you truly care about. Using saved views, you can do that in the directories to easily get back to a tailored view just for you, again and again.

In this article, you will learn how to:

Create a saved view

To create a view from a filtered directory screen, simply click Create view on the top-right of the directory screen and name your view.

To create a saved view from scratch, click the Views dropdown and Create view. You will be asked to provide a name for your saved view. Once the view has been created, you will be able to apply filters and save the view.

Search for a saved view

Saved views are accessible to anyone in your Atlas workspace. To browse the saved views in your workspace, click on the Views dropdown and start typing in the search box to surface any pre-existing views.

Star a saved view to quickly re-access it

You can star your favourite views, so they are easy to return to. From the view you want to star, click on the 🌟 next to the view name. This will keep it at the top of your directory the next time you want to revisit it. Un-starring a view will remove it from the quick-access list at the top of your directory.

Manage a saved view

You can rename a view by clicking on the “…” icon next to the view name and Rename.

You can delete a view from the same menu. Deleting a view is permanent and will break any embeds set up with the view. Others who have starred or are using the view will no longer be able to see it.

You can also update any existing view, by adding or removing filters on the view. These changes won’t be saved until you click Save for everyone in the top right corner. Changes will reflect for everyone who uses that view.

Embed a saved view

Saved views can be embedded in Confluence, Jira and more, just like other filtered directory states! Simply copy the url when you’re on the saved view and drop it into an Atlassian editor surface. Then click on the Display as embed option to show your tailored list of projects and goals right from other tools.

To learn more about sharing and embeds, check out this article: Embed project and goal reports in other products | Atlas Help Center

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