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Filtering your results by demographics
Filtering your results by demographics

Learn how to use Attest's demographic filters, turn them on and off, and compare the results to the rest of the sample.

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You can easily filter your results by demographics of your respondents.

The demographic panel on the right-hand-side, which will be blank to begin with, will go live the moment the responses start coming in.

Just click on the demographics you're interested in the Filters panel on the right, and the results will update, live. The average score from the whole panel for each answer will be marked by the vertical dashed line, while the greyed out area represents the average for that question of the specific demographic you've highlighted.

Toggling the switch will turn the filters you've selected on and off, so you can compare the results before and after filtering easily.

You can also select an answer, or multiple answers, and demographic details on the right will update to reflect the nature of the respondents who selected or wrote those answers.  You can read more about filtering by answers here.

You can also directly compare responses from splits of demographics or answers to previous questions in the Results breakdown. Here you can build custom tables that display the breakdown of your results so you can really easily identify which groups under- or over-index compared to the survey average. You can also export these tables to Excel to create charts to visualise these nuances.

Be aware that the more filters you apply, the smaller the sample you are looking at and the less statistically robust the results will be as a result. It is challenging to draw filtered conclusions on any sample size less than 500, so be sure to consider the filters you wish to apply to the data before you choose your initial sample size, and consider applying custom quotas to ensure your filters will still be large enough to report on. 

If you have any more questions please get in touch with our Customer Experience team.

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