All of the following settings are available at the top of each page at any point while you draft your survey, and can be edited as many times as you like before the survey is purchased. 

External title (required)

External titles are shown to respondents before they take the survey.

Titles should help explain the contents of the survey, but avoid the bias of attracting people who feel strongly positively or negatively about that topic, so it’s best to avoid being too specific. For instance, calling a survey “Opinions about the recent general election” might deter respondents who didn’t vote or don’t have strong opinions on the topic.

Title image (optional)

If you would like, you can add an image to the title of your survey which is shown to respondents once they opt-in. You can use title images to put respondents in a certain frame of mind or give more context about the content of the survey. 

You can also choose to open your survey with a text card, which can also warm the respondent up by giving them some information about the survey. To do this, select Add text card when you come to draft the first card in your survey.

Internal title (shown only to you and your team)

Put a title for yourself and your team here, this isn't shown to respondents.

This is particularly useful if running a series of surveys with the same external title, as it allows you to differentiate the surveys from your internal view of them.

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