How to use images in your surveys
How to add visuals to your questions and answer options, including appropriate image size and file types.
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When drafting a survey, you can add an image (or audio or video clips) to any question type. 

Simply click Add question and then Add media at the top right of the card. A box will appear where you can drag and drop or upload pictures which will accompany the question when presented to respondents. Click the magnifying glass to see the image full size. 

For respondents, the image is presented full screen. They must look at the image before clicking Continue to Question where they are presented with the question, and can expand the image again if they want.

Image answer options

It’s also possible to add images to answer options. This is done by toggling the Image answers button on in single choice, multiple choice and grid questions, found within Answer Settings.

By doing this, you’ll be given the option to Add image next to each answer. You can choose whether or not to have text accompanying the image answer options.

You can upload images in PNG, JPEG, .webp or non-animated GIF formats.

If you only have 2 image answers, they will be shown in portrait orientation.

Using the compact image option will present the images to respondents in a two-column grid, with side-by-side images. As such, it's optimal to use square-sized images, but if using a large horizontal image, or deep portrait image, these will be re-sized into a square box.

Using the large image option will present the images to respondents in the format thy were uploaded. Perfect for large detailed images such as concepts or as creatives. A maximum of 6 images can be uploaded if using the large format, in order to avoid that respondents have a long scroll to view all question and answer content (given the Attest respondent experience is optimised for mobile).

Respondents can click into the images to view them full size before selecting an answer option. 

Here is an example survey that uses images as answer options. 

Images in the survey title

It’s also possible to add an image to the title of the survey, which is displayed to the respondent as they enter the survey. The best question image size to use is around 800x800 pixels. Any image above this size will get cropped, but can still be seen in its entirety by clicking on the image itself.

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