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Multi-Market Research

We’re making it simpler and faster to conduct your research in multiple markets at the same time, in one survey, for easy comparison.

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Conducting research at a global scale allows your business to understand any market-specific differences that might impact business decisions. Every market is unique and all markets have differences that need to be reflected in the survey design.

This allows you to:

  1. Market confidently with region-specific insights

  2. Grow and expand smarter with global insight snapshots

  3. Get familiar and grow in unfamiliar markets

Getting Started

1. Add your audiences

When starting a new survey, you first need to add your audiences, to then be able to customise your survey for different audiences.

On the audience page add all the countries you want to send your research to.

2. Drafting your survey

  • Once you’ve added all your possible answer options, click the 🌐 icon next to the answers you need to show for certain markets.

  • Clicking this icon allows you to select which audiences you want this answer option to show for.

By default a new answer will be shown to all markets, so make sure you click the 🌐 if there are any answers you only want to show to certain markets.

Note: You cannot select different audience options for:

  • the answers in Ranked Questions

  • the “None, N/A and Other” answer options.

  • open text optional field answer options

You can make answers that aren’t shown to all audiences qualifying answers, but you can’t set a quota for these answers.

  • You can also add media to your questions and answers (see here for more information).

  • When you have more than one audience in your survey, you can opt to customise your questions and answers to show different media for different audiences.

3. Translate your survey

On the Audience page you can add translations for your survey by selecting “Add Translations” and downloading the .xls file.

Alternatively don't hesitate to contact our Attest Customer Research Team using the in-platform live chat to ask about using our translation service.

Read more about sending translated surveys

4. Preview your survey

When your survey is ready you can preview it, to see how respondents in each market will see your questions and answers. You can filter by each audience to see:

  • the translations

  • the answers shown to that market

  • if the question has any other custom variations or display options

Analysing your results

Look at your data in aggregate for a truly global measure

On your results Overview, you will see an aggregated view of all the audiences.

By default, your aggregated questions and results will show in the language you drafted your survey in.

You can also view your results for a single market in that language

Read more about analysing your results.

Compare and contrast markets and regions side by side, with crosstabs and charts

In the Analysis page, you'll be able to see a side-by-side country comparison. This allows you to easily see how your results differ in the different countries.

You can also easily compare across these markets using the Crosstabs. If you navigate to that page and select Country in the Demographics section, you can then see all of the countries side by side.

Coming soon!

Attest are building more Multi-Market features and the following will be coming soon!

  • Custom Questions for different audiences

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