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How to add audio clips to your survey
How to add audio clips to your survey

How to embed audio clips in questions, including required file types.

Updated over a week ago

When you’re drafting any question type, you’ll see the Add media icon next in the text box where you are typing your question. You can choose to add an audio clip, image or video.

When you click Add media, and choose Audio, you can select your audio file, or drag and drop to upload it.

Alternatively, your audio clip can be hosted on YouTube. You can upload the audio to any YouTube channel, your company or personal YouTube channels will both work. If you don't want viewers on YouTube to access the clip, select the preferences for the clip to be 'Unlisted', which will mean that anyone with the link (including the survey) can access the audio clip but that it won't show up in your channel's public listings. 

You can then paste the YouTube URL for your clip into the text box in the Audio tab. 

You’ll need to make sure your audio file is less than 4MB, less than 1 minute in length and in MP3 format. We’ve put this time limit in place for the benefit of our respondents - keeping them short will mean that you always get engaged and thoughtful responses.

Respondents will only be able to answer once they’ve listened to the whole clip. They can listen to the clip as many times as they want before answering the question. This is what respondents will see: 

We always give respondents the option to opt-out of the entire survey at the start, in case they are unable to listen to audio at that moment. 

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