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How to add video clips to your surveys
How to add video clips to your surveys

Find out how to embed video clips into questions.

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Adding video clips to your surveys is another powerful way to find out what real consumers think about your product, branding and marketing. You can also use images and audio clips in any question type.

Here’s how it works:

When drafting any question type, click Add media at the top right of the card, and select the Video tab. You will prompted to paste in a YouTube link to your video. 

Videos can be kept unlisted on YouTube, so they aren’t visible to the public - it’s just a way of hosting the clip. Make sure you select 'Unlisted', and not 'Private'. You will also need to ensure that the video is enabled to be played on all domains, within the YouTube video settings.

Respondents will only be able to answer once they’ve watched the whole clip. They can watch the clip as many times as they want before answering the question. 

You can preview how your video clip will be shown to respondents using the Preview button on your draft survey.

Your video clips can be a maximum of 3 minutes (180 seconds). We’ve put this limit in place for the benefit of our respondents - keeping them short will mean that you always get engaged and thoughtful responses.

We always give respondents the option to opt-out of the entire survey at the start, in case they are unable to watch a video at that moment.

If wanting to use a YouTube Shorts format, add the URL with /shorts in it. You can find this URL easily when clicking 'Share' on your Shorts video in YouTube. This will ensure the Shorts video is presented in full portrait mode to your survey respondents.

If you have any more questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our Client Experience team using the in-platform Live Chat.

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