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Sending surveys to countries outside the UK
Sending surveys to countries outside the UK

Attest surveys can be sent internationally, find out how to select the country you wish to target and more about our translation services.

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Using Attest, you can survey consumers in dozens of countries around the world. Selecting the country you wish to target couldn't be easier. 

On the left side of the Audience tab, under My survey is for you can click the arrow to a drop down from which you can choose the country you want to send your survey to. If you decide to customise your audience, you’ll need to choose the country first so that the available demographic categories in that area are displayed. 

Selecting a country will update the demographic details available, and also give you a real-time view of how many consumers Attest has access to.

If you have already created the survey in the final language for respondents to see then we're happy to accept this version. 

Alternatively, we have partnered with a trusted translation service, allowing us to offer you a bespoke translation of your survey, for a per-question fee. Get in touch with the Client Experience team using the in-platform Live Chat for more details about this service. 

There’s a drop down for the language, too, under My survey is in. Select the language your survey is written in so that the instructions match your question text!

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