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How to send one survey to multiple audiences
How to send one survey to multiple audiences

How to send a single survey to multiple audiences in the same language

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You can now send one survey to multiple countries, as long as these countries share the same language.

This means fewer duplicating and clicking for you to set up your multi-audience studies, and the results will all be in one place!

How does it work?

When you're ready to set your Audience, you can simply add more countries by clicking 'Add audience' on the row at the bottom and selecting a country that supports the language your survey is written in.

At the moment, you can only add countries which share the same language, but in the coming few months these limitations will be removed.

Once you have selected your countries, simply continue through your review journey and purchase your survey. You will receive a single confirmation email and the transaction will appear as a single transaction in your Credits page.

How to analyse results from multiple countries


On your results overview, you will see an aggregated view of all the audiences. If you wish to filter on a specific country, use the filters on the right hand side.


In the analysis page, you'll be able to see a by country comparison. This allows you to easily see how you results differ in the different countries. You can read more about the analysis page in this article.

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