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Scheduling your survey to go live at a future date and time
Scheduling your survey to go live at a future date and time

Decide exactly when your survey is published, based on the time and the date you want.

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Reaching consumers at the right time is important for lots of survey projects. Whether you want to send the survey at a time of day when people will be in a certain frame of mind, on a certain day of the week or month, or even if you just want to schedule a series of surveys so you can tick them all off your to-do list at once, it's easy to pick the exact time and day to set your survey live.

How to schedule your survey

In the Review tab you'll be given two options: for the survey to go live Now or Later. Selecting Now will set the survey live to respondents immediately after purchase. If you want to choose a future date and time for your survey, select Later

You can pick a date from the drop down calendar. You can schedule your survey to go live up to 6 months into the future.

When you've selected a date, you can also select a time that suits, using the up and down arrows on your keyboard or manually typing in the time you want your survey to go live.

You can amend the time zone for the recipients of your survey, so you don't need to work out the time difference yourself. Once you complete the checkout, your survey will be set up to go live at your chosen time. No further action is needed from you.

Credits for the survey are debited at the point at which you proceed through the checkout. You won't be able to edit your survey further. If you need to make amendments you will have to close the survey, duplicate it and purchase it again.

Creating a recurring survey

You can also choose to make your survey recurring. Selecting an interval from the dropdown in the Review tab will schedule the same survey to launch daily, weekly, every 2 weeks; or in 1, 2, 3 or 6 months’ time, creating new surveys in your drafts which you can edit before they’re due to launch.

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