It couldn’t be easier to create a brand tracker with Attest, thanks to the ability to set the tracker to recur at the touch of a button.

In the Review tab of the survey editor, select a recurrence timeline from the dropdown. Your next tracker will then be scheduled to send 1, 3 or 6 months from the launch date of your first. Toggling this on will populate your drafts in the My Surveys area with repeating drafts of your brand tracker. You can edit these surveys prior to the launch date, at which time your recurring brand tracker will automatically launch.

Using this feature automatically excludes respondents from the previous dip of your brand tracker in the next dip. This means that the same respondents won't be able to take two consecutive brand trackers, to keep the sample fresh and unbiased.

Credits for each recurring survey are taken from the default credit pot, and are deducted at the time each survey launches. You'll also be reminded that your next survey launch is coming up by email, 5 days before each survey launches.

If you’d rather use a different timeline for your brand tracker, or set them live at irregular intervals, you can easily duplicate and schedule each subsequent survey.

For more information getting started with brand tracking, read this article next or get in touch with us using the in-platform live chat.

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