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Copy & paste results from the dashboard
Copy & paste results from the dashboard

How to use the 'Copy Results' button to take results from the dashboard and paste them into an Excel or Google spreadsheet

Updated over a week ago

Sometimes you don't want or need to export the entire data set, if you're only looking at one question for instance. 

The Attest results dashboard includes a handy Copy Data button to take the results from one answer so you can paste that straight into a spreadsheet or table, without exporting the entire data set. 

You can apply answer filters or demographics (or a combination of both!) before you copy results, or leave it unfiltered to copy every respondent's answers to that question. You can also copy the results of any question type.

On the card, there is a Copy Data icon in the top right. Then simply paste the data set into your spreadsheet. The data is copied in Tab format, so you can easily paste the data in a table to see the results in a view that mirrors the results as they are displayed in the dashboard.

You can also copy your data from the charts on Trends & analysis. You can choose to download the presented chart as an image, but in case you want to make some changes or you prefer to create your own charts you can choose Copy Data and paste the data to a different location such as Excel.

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