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How big is the available sample size and Attest's audience reach?
How big is the available sample size and Attest's audience reach?

Learn more about the sample Attest can reach, and how applying demographic filters affects that.

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Attest plugs dozens of panels and other sample sources across the globe. This gives clients using our platform access to 100 million respondents in total. 

The attainable number of respondents you can send your survey to depends on how many demographic filters you chose to use and which country you send your survey to. To learn more about what filters are available click here.

How to see the available sample

The number of possible matches to your chosen demographics is determined by how many respondents (meeting those demographics) have been active in the last few days. You are able to see that number in the Audience tab of the survey builder.

You'll first need to add an audience by choosing the country and language. You will then see in the third column maximum number of respondents we can reach in your chosen country and matching your chosen demographics.

When is the available sample too low?

The more demographic filters you use, the lower the number of available respondents will be. If the number of possible matches is too low, your target audience may be too narrow, and we recommend you expand your targeting to gather a valuable number of responses. For example, for a brand tracking survey we recommend you gather between 500-1000 responses. 500 being the minimum and only if you’re targeting niche audiences. If your survey is to be used for PR, we recommend gathering between 1000-2000. Smaller sample sizes can be used if you’re just looking for a quick read on the population, or if you have narrow targeting. 

Note: If the available sample number is low the survey might take longer to close. 

If you have any more questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our Client Experience team using the in-platform live chat. 

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