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Merging answers in the results dashboard
Merging answers in the results dashboard
Make it easier to interpret your results by combining answers into a group
Written by Melanie Pieters
Updated over a week ago

Having a lot of answer options can make it difficult to quickly interpret or analyse your results.

To help with this, we've added the option to merge answers. This allows you to combine answers that you think belong together in a group – you can then see how each group's answers differ throughout the survey.

This is available for the results of single choice, multiple choice and grid questions.

You can merge any answers together to create a custom group (e.g. merge individual TV show names into a group called "comedies" or take a list of hobbies and group them by "outdoor" and "indoor" activities). It can be especially useful for questions where you've used a rating scale. For example, 'How likely are you to buy this (on a scale of 1-5)?'

  1. Not likely at all - 10%

  2. Not likely - 20%

  3. Maybe - 5%

  4. Likely - 30%

  5. Very likely - 35%

Whilst you'll want to present all five options to your audience, when it comes to analysing results, you might mainly be interested in the top two and/or bottom two – how many people are likely to buy your product (65%) and how many are not (30%).

How does it work?

  1. Select the answers that you want to merge together by clicking on them. You need to select two or more answers in order to be able to create a group.

  2. Click on the “merge answers” button on the bottom right. This will combine the selected answers into a group. The black outline indicates that this is a group of answers.

  3. Once you’ve created a group, you can see which answers are within this group by clicking on the arrow on the right. If you want to apply answer filters, you can click on the group, which will select all answers within the group, but you can also still filter on the individual answers within the group.

  4. You can rename the group by clicking on rename, typing in the desire named for your group and clicking on save or hitting enter.

  5. If you want to remove the group and go back to your original answers you can simply click “unmerge”.

If you merge answers on your default view in overview, these answers will also be merged for your chart views both on overview and on the trends & analysis page.

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