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Create, edit and share research reports right from Aurelius

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Aurelius automatically generates a report on every project from the Key Insights and Recommendations you made.

With reports, you can design, edit, update and share them all right from your project.

Watch this video to quickly show you everything you can do with reports:

Editing a Report

You can change the design and style of your report as well as add more information to the report. To do this, you'll need to edit the report

Start by clicking "Edit" on the upper right of the report.

Save any changes to your report by clicking "Finish Editing" once you're done.

Changing Colors, Fonts, Spacing & Styles

Once you select any element on your report you can change the text, color, size and spacing with the tools on the right panel.

Adding Documents to your Report

Add any documents from your project or upload new ones to add to the report by dragging the document icon to the report canvas.

From there you can choose any document you already have on your project or upload a new one:

Adding Free Text

Drag the Text icon to the report canvas to add any free text data to the report.

Adding Boxes and Lines

Drag the "Container" or "Line" icons to add boxes and lines to your report.

Creating New Key Insights from a Report

You can create new Key Insights on a report which then also get added to your project.

Creating New Recommendations from a Report

You can create new Recommendations on a report which then also get added to your project.

Quick Toggle Show/Hide Key Insights and Recommendations on the Report

You can quickly show and hide which key insights and recommendations appear on your report with this toggle.

Sharing a Report

Share by PDF

Export any report as a PDF by simply clicking "Export PDF"

Share by Link & Email

Share a live link of this report to anyone by email by clicking "Share" in the upper left of the report:

Then, enter the email address(es) of the people you want to share with, then click "Share Report". They will be able to see the report and any changes or updates from the same link and you won't need to reshare it.

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