Access the conversation settings by pressing on the gear icon ⚙️on the bottom of your screen, next to the mic. 

Select a Microphone 🎤:

  • Device Microphone: this will use the microphone on your device (smartphone, for example) 
  • Setup Bluetooth Microphone: this will take you to Ava under your phone settings and allow you to turn off/on your microphone. Learn how to pair Bluetooth devices to Ava by reading this article 
  • Order a microphone: this will take you to a link of a bluetooth headset that we recommend using with Ava. See which earpiece we recommend here

Accuracy Level 🎯:

  • Auto (95%): this is the standard accuracy level given to every Free, Premium, and Pro user 
  • Ava Scribe (99%): Ava Scribe is available for purchase for Pro users, to learn more you can read this article 

Language 🌐:

  • Captions in *chosen language*: this is the language that you will be speaking for Ava to caption you. With this setting you can change which language Ava should translate and even choose your specific accent. See which languages Ava knows here 
  • Translation in *chosen language*: This is the language that you want Ava to translate to. Learn how to translate a language in Ava here 
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