If you are looking to caption an online presentation, class, or lecture, see this article.

In situations where an audience is listening to one person speak for some time (the presenter), you can use Ava to caption what is said in real-time.

If you are in the audience (where your smartphone will be further away from the presenter than the recommended 12 inches), you'll need a different strategy than usual.

Here are some options:

  • If you know the presenter, it'll be easier to ask them before if they can download Ava. Right before the presentation starts, help them connect with you, and put their smartphone in a jacket pocket, close by, or use earbuds.

  • If you don't know the presenter, bring a Bluetooth clip-on microphone and connect it to your Ava smartphone. Right before the presentation starts, ask the presenter to wear it (lapel, ear), or put the mic as close as possible (e.g: on the podium).

  • If you're in a space which is equipped with speakers, and the presenter talks into an already existing microphone, read how to access captions at a venue.

  • If none of this is possible, we cannot guarantee Ava's accuracy, but you can try sitting at the first row. Don't forget that asking for accessibility is a reasonable request.

Presenter with Ava in pocket (and earbuds)

Presenter with Bluetooth microphone

  • Bluetooth microphone (earpiece) is paired with student's Ava app

  • Student follows on the screen of his app, or on Ava Web

Presenter with Ava Event

Ava provides a plug-and-play solution, which allows you to broadcast the captions to anyone in your audience who wants to view them. All you do is to set up a device with Ava, which you connect to your audio mixing board, using a simple guitar cable (TRS) and an iRig (off the shelf hardware) to convert the signal to the device (phone/tablet).

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