Attention: The Ava Web application is only available on the Ava Campus, or Pro plans. Find out more about how to get these plans here.

Activating the captions

Step 1 - open the Ava Web application in a browser on your computer

Type your Ava Name after the & and sign in

A new window will open. 

Step 2 - Select Start captions now


Step 3 - invite the other participants to join the Ava conversation

Invite the participants, teacher and/or students, to join the session by clicking the "+ Invite Participant" button in the top right corner. 

You will need to paste the shared link into a new browser window to access the Ava web application.

Settings (see screenshot below)

Activating the Microphone

People must activate the microphone before speaking for the captions to generate. When the microphone is active it will turn blue.

Activating the Keyboard

Captions can also be generated by using the keyboard. This feature is especially useful for non-verbal users of Ava. When the keyboard is active it will turn blue.

End the Ava Conversation

Press the red X to end the conversation.

Step 4—open a video conferencing program in a new window.

You will have 2 browser windows open, one window for the Ava web for the captions and another window for the video conferencing program. 

Ava Web Best Practices

💡Use an external microphone to increase captioning and audio quality! 

💡Positon the Ava captioning window for ease of readability. 

💡Customize your screen and font settings— click on the hamburger icon, 3 black horizontal lines, in the top left corner of the Ava web app. 

💡Broadcast captions to Zoom— if you are using Zoom for your online class, you can broadcast captions to view captions directly to Zoom

💡Increase accuracy— add the Ava Scribe service. Ava Scribe utilizes a human transcription specialist to correct transcription errors in real-time.

ℹ️ Discover Ava Scribe learn more about using Ava Scribe for up to 99% accuracy!

Pro's and Con's of using Ava Web captioning


  • High captioning accuracy—because the Ava Web app is picking up the speakers directly from their own device, the accuracy of the captions is high. 

  • Easy to use—Ava Web sessions are easy to start and share with participants. 

  • Color-coded speaker names—Ava can distinguish who is speaking.

  • Captions can be repositioned—the captioning screen can be resized and captions positioned in different locations; at the bottom or top of the screen, as well as on the side.

  • Visual variation—flexibility in terms of color themes and font sizing.

  • Language translation—over. 15 spoken languages.

  • Caption editing—the captions can be easily edited by anyone in the session. 

  • Self-learning—Ava learns and gets smarter over time. 

  • Transcription saving—Ava Web allows for easy transcript saving and exporting.


  • Every speaker has to connect with the Web App and make sure that their microphone is turned on when they speak for Ava to work well.

  • Two browser windows need to be open at the same time. One for the Ava web captions and one for the video conferencing program. 

  • Fullscreen display hides Ava Web captions. If the video program is displayed in  full screen the Ava Web app will be behind the video window and won't be visible.  

If you'd like to print or share this information as a handout, you can click below.

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