If you are looking for instructions on how to save a transcript from your phone, click here.

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At any point during a captioning session on Ava for Web, you can save a file of the transcript.

Note: this will only save up until the point you download the file. Any of the captions that are generated after this point will not update the file.

How to Save a Transcript Before the Session Ends

To do this, click on the menu ≡ button on the top left side to expand the menu (if it isn't already open). Then click on ⏍ Export Transcripts

How to Save a Transcript After the Session Ends

Don't worry- if you or the host ends the conversation (by clicking on the red X on the right), you'll still have one last chance to save a transcript of the conversation!

A window will pop-up after the session has ended (see screenshot below). Click on ⏍ Save Transcript.

NOTE: If you close the conversation by closing the tab, or forget to save the transcript, you won't be able to retrieve it. For your protection, we don't store conversation data.

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