Welcome to Ava, your new 24/7 accessibility companion ✨!

Speak ASL? Watch explanations in video

🗣️ 📱 Press "Start Conversation" to caption someone speaking. Hold your phone less than 12 inches away from their mouth and Ava should transcribe more than 85% of the words right ( not 100% because Ava is not as smart as a human🤖 )!

🔵 🎤 Tap on the blue mic, and Ava is ready to transcribe words people say.

🙊  If you have a ''deaf" accent, no need to speak to Ava. Answer people directly if they understand your voice or type what you want to say on the keyboard.

📱 👯 📱 To caption a group conversation, participants need to speak close to a phone with the Ava app and be connected with you so you can read what they say. Show people how to connect to you:

  1. Share a download link with the top-right button ⬆️. OR
  2. If they already installed Ava, give your Ava Name so they can find you.

Then what they say next to their phone will appear on your screen with their own color 🎨.

📶  Remember that Ava needs Internet to work: Wifi/4G/LTE = OK. If captioning is slow, check your Internet connection. 

💵  Is Ava free? Yes. Ava has a 100% free plan but captioning time is limited to 5 full hours every 30 days. Joining a conversation hosted by a friend will not use your time: only the host uses time.
If you don't have any time left, but you want to keep captioning: 

  1. Wait the end of the 30 days
  2. OR join a friend's conversation who still has time.
  3. OR upgrade to the Unlimited plan in your Profile to get unlimited time for less than $1/day.

Is everything clear? Ask us anything you're not sure about below or later (in "Support Center" section).

Watch how to use Ava in real-life

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