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How can I buy coffee from the coffee machine?
How can I buy coffee from the coffee machine?
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If you want to buy a coffee in the avec box, you proceed as follows:

  • Scan the QR code on the screen of the coffee machine.

  • The selection of coffee products opens on the screen

  • Then select your desired coffee product and confirm your selection with the green tick on the screen.

  • The coffee product is then automatically added to your digital shopping cart in the app without you having to scan a barcode.

  • Then place your coffee cup under the coffee dispenser and your coffee will be prepared.

The next time you scan the QR code on the coffee machine to select a product, it will automatically suggest your last purchased product. Coffee drinks are non-cancellable and must be paid for before leaving the outlet. At avec 24/7, you buy coffee as you would any other product.

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