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Release 3.1 - Welcome to your new Home Screen!
Release 3.1 - Welcome to your new Home Screen!

Let us walk you through the changes to the latest Mobile App Release 3.1.0, including the new Home Screen and the updated menu.

Written by Jatin C.
Updated over a week ago

You asked and we delivered!

Introducing the new Home Screen on the Mobile App. Let us walk you through what has changed and where to find the key information. There are two main updates in this release:

A. Home Screen

The Previous Layout only showed you the Current State and the last time it was updated. You told us this was difficult to interpret - were emotions rising or calming down?

The New Home Screen combines the Current State and the Daily Summary pages, so you can see what is happening now and what happened just before.

Your home screen provides an overview of how you are doing and a summary of key moments from your day. Here is how to use each of the three sections:

1) Current State

This is how you or the person you support is currently doing! The current state is a measure of the "strength" of your emotions (Neutral, Low, Medium, and High).

This section also includes information about the battery of your watch and the last time your watch connected. You can use this section to check that your watch is properly setup and connected to your phone.

2) Daily Summary

This section displays a timeline of your day, showing the level of intensity for each hour. This can be helpful to understanding major events from your day.

Gray sections represent times without any data, or times in the future:

πŸ”Ž Existing users might notice that something has changed.

We have changed the order the data appears so the most recent information is at the top!

3) Notification History

Scroll down below the Daily Summary and you'll find the Notifications History! On the Home Page! So convenient!

B. Menu Options

For additional clarity, we've updated the Menu Options on the side menu.

  • Help & Support is now Contact us

  • Resource Centre is now Tutorials

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