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Fitbit Setup and Pairing Guide
Fitbit Setup and Pairing Guide

How to set up and pair a Fitbit Device

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This document contains instructions on how to set up a new Fitbit device for use with the Awake Labs platform. The instructions in this document are only applicable for Fitbit devices. Currently, we support the Fitbit Sense and Versa 3.

In order to use your Fitbit with Awake Labs, you need to (a) install the Awake Labs clock face onto your Fitbit device and (b) pair that device with the Awake Labs platform.

1. Download the Fitbit App

If you haven't already, download and install the Fitbit companion app to the mobile device you will use with your Fitbit watch:

2. Setup your Fitbit Watch

Follow the instructions on the Fitbit App to set up your new Fitbit watch.

3. Download the Awake Labs Clockface to Your Fitbit Watch

In the Fitbit App:

Tip: Make sure you choose the right version of the app for your country!

4. Put Your Watch In Pairing More

In the Fitbit App:

  • Tap the device icon in the top corner to open your devices

  • Tap ‘Sense’, then ‘Gallery'

  • Select 'Customize Clock Face'

  • Tap 'Pair My Device' to enter pairing mode

5. Write down Your PIN

  • Write down your six character pin - you will need this in the next step

6. Enter your PIN in the Awake Labs App

From the Awake Labs App:

  • Select the menu icon

  • Select '[your] Device'

  • If you already have a device paired - select the top-right menu icon and tap "unpair" to remove the existing device:

  • Tap the + button to pair a new device

  • Type in your PIN

7. Celebrate, you’re all set!

Congrats your all set up! Your watch is now connected to your Awake Labs account. In a few minutes you will start seeing results in your Awake Labs Mobile app.

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