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Add a contractor

Connect contractors to your organization so you can recruit and work with them

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If you want to work with a contractor who isn't in your system yet, adding them is quick and easy.

  1. Choose “Add Contractor” from the master drop-down menu to open the “Add Contractor” pop-up.

  2. Enter the contractor’s name. (This is required.)

  3. Enter the contractor’s e-mail address. (Required if you want to contact them.)

  4. Click the “Add Contractor” button to add the contractor and close the pop-up.

Once a contractor is added to your database, you can invite them to connect with your organization on AWEbase three different ways:

  • Send them a JobOpp Inquiry for one of your projects.

  • Offer them a Job if they have already agreed to the terms of the project.

  • Go to the Contractors screen, click on the contractor's name, then click the "Invite to AWEbase" button.

When you invite a contractor to connect with your organization, AWEbase sends them an e-mail with a link in it. When they click the link, if they don't already have an account, they will be directed to AWEbase and asked to finish creating their account by adding a password.

Once a contractor has accepted your invitation to join AWEbase, they can change their e-mail, address, and other profile information on their own. This ensures that your organization will always have the most current information.

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