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Adding new users is fast and easy for both you and them. All you have to do is enter few bits of information; all they have to do is click a link in their e-mail and add a password.

  1. Click on the “Settings” button at the bottom left of the screen to reveal the settings panel.

  2. Go to the “User Management” page.

  3. Click the “Add New User” button to open the “Add New User” pop-up.

  4. Enter the staff member’s name and title.

  5. Enter the staff member’s e-mail address. (This is the address to which the staff invitation will be sent.)

  6. Choose a role for the new staff member from the “Role” drop-down menu. (You can learn about creating new roles here.)

  7. Click the “Send Invitation” button to add this staff member to your organization, send an e-mail inviting them to AWEbase, and close the pop-up.

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