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When a potential client sends you an invitation to check out a new freelance project (also known as a JobOpp Inquiry), you can review it on the JobOpp Inquiries screen.

  1. Go to the JobOpp Inquiries screen, then click on the subject of the Inquiry to see its details.

  2. The text of the Inquiry appears on the left side of the screen. 

  3. Below that text, the system shows who sent the message, and what organization they represent.

  4. To reply to the Inquiry, write your response in the comment box on the right side of the screen, then click the “Add Comment” button.

  5. Select the "References" tab to see any reference files your client has attacked to the Inquiry.

Once you reply to the client, the two of you can discuss the project requirements and terms using the AWEbase comment system

  • When the two of your come to an agreement, the client can send you a contract for all the Deliverables they need you to provide.

  • Once you sign the contract, the agreement becomes a Job.

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