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Note: If you receive a Job offer from an organization that you're not connected to yet, you'll need to connect with them before you can can review the Job.

When a client offers you a Job on AWEbase, it appears on your Jobs screen. To review and sign the contract, do the following:

  1. Go to the Jobs screen, then click on the name of the Job to see its details.

  2. Note the Job completion deadline for the Job.

  3. Note the contract signature deadline, which is the date by which you need to sign the contract.

  4. Select the "Deliverables" tab to see a list of all the Deliverables included in the Job.

  5. On the "Deliverables" tab, you can click on each Deliverable to see its description and other details.

  6. Click the “View Contract” button to bring up a copy of the contract for you to review.

  7. After looking at the Deliverables and contract, you may wish to click the "Decline Contract" button to let the client know that you're not interested in the Job.

  8. If the Deliverables and contract look good, click the “Sign” button on the contract preview screen in order to open the “Create Signature” pop-up.

  9. Enter your digital signature by either drawing it out or typing it into the signature field.

  10. Don't forget to check the legal signature consent box after reviewing the Terms of Use.

  11. Click the “Sign” button to sign the contract and return it to the client.

Note: Even before accepting the Job, you can use the "Comments" area on the right side of the screen to communicate with the client, as detailed here.

Once you have signed a contract, a copy of that contract will be e-mailed to you for your records.

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