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While it's useful to upload files for review, the client will often need you to upload large files related to your Deliverables.

This is especially true if the final form of the Deliverable is a digital asset such as an image, a video, or a 3D model. If your Deliverable is a service, rather than a file, the client may still need you to upload documents, images, or videos related to that service.

  1. Go to the Deliverables screen and click on the Deliverable for which you want to upload a file.

  2. Select the “Files” tab.

  3. Click the “Upload File” button to open the “Upload File” pop-up.

  4. Choose a file from your computer to upload. (You can upload any type of file, though your client may have set file size limits.)

  5. Enter a description of the contents of the file.

  6. Click the “Add File” button to upload the file and close the pop-up.

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