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Welcome to AWEbase! Let’s get started with a few key concepts and definitions.

Understanding Titles, Releases, and Deliverables

In AWEbase, every project is divided into three elements: a Title, one or more Releases, and any number of Deliverables.

  • A Title is a master product, such as a board game, a magazine, an event, or a piece of software.*

  • A Release is a specific version of a Title. For example, if the Title is a book, a Release might be the hardcover version of that book. Or if the Title is a magazine, a Release might be the October issue of that magazine. A Title might have many different Releases.*

  • A Deliverable is discrete component of work, such as a single illustration, news article, or 3D model. A Deliverable can also be a service, such as catering at an event, or software development performed for a specified period of time. Each Deliverable is tied to a Release, and each Release can have any number of Deliverables.

Below are several examples of Titles, Releases, and Deliverables.

Other Terms

Here are a few more terms you should know for working with AWEbase. 

  • A JobOpp is a collection of contractors and Deliverables, brought together for a single project.

  • A JobOpp Inquiry is a request that you send to one or more contractors attached to a JobOpp, inviting them to help create one or more Deliverables in that JobOpp.

  • A Job uses a contract to connect a single contractor to any number of Deliverables that they have agreed to deliver.

  • A Deliverable’s category defines what kind of Deliverable it is - artwork, writing, 3D model, etc. - and which contract template to use in its Job.

*Note that while "Title" and "Release" are the default terms in AWEbase, your organization may have customized one or both of these terms to better reflect your business. For example, "Title" might be "Product Line" or "Department" for you, and "Release" might be "Product" or "Project."

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