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Customize AWEbase for your organization
Customize AWEbase for your organization

Edit tags, categories, and terminology based on your needs

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You can customize your AWEbase experience to better match your business and your industry. This includes:

To start customizing:

  1. Click on the “Settings” button at the bottom left of the screen to reveal the settings panel.

  2. Go to the “Customization” screen.

  3. Select the tab of the item you wish you customize.

Customize your Deliverables

A Deliverable is partially defined by its category (artwork, writing, video, etc.). AWEbase comes with a number of default categories, which you can edit or delete, and you can add new categories of your own.

Note: You cannot edit or delete a category if a Deliverable is using that category.

Add a new category

To create a new category, duplicate an existing category, then use it as a template for your new category.

  1. Click the “duplicate” button for the category you’d like to duplicate. This opens the "Create New Category" pop-up window.

  2. Enter a new, unique name for the new category.

  3. Click the "Confirm" button to create the category and close the pop-up.

Edit a category

To edit a category, click on its name, then click the "Edit" button. (Note: You cannot edit a category if a Deliverable is using that category.)

  1. Enter its new name if you wish.

  2. Customize the category's available types. (A "type" has no inherent effect on contracts or the like, but is another way for your organization to track and organize the work being done.) You can rename a type by clicking the "edit" icon, or delete a type by clicking the "trash" icon.

  3. You can add a new type to the category by clicking the "Add Type" button.

  4. Customize the category's available steps. A Deliverable can go through multiple steps as it progresses over the course of a project. (For example, an Artwork may start as an "initial sketch" and end as a "final.") You can rename a step by clicking the "edit" icon, or delete a step by clicking the "trash" icon. You can also change the order of a step in the sequence by clicking the up or down arrows.

  5. You can add a new step to the category by clicking the "Add Step" button.

When you're done editing the category, click the "save" button to save your edits.

Customize file size limits

If you wish to set the limits for how large a file your contractors can upload, you can set those limits by pressing the "edit" button, then adjusting the values for each category. Note that review assets count against your storage maximum, so you may wish to limit them to a smaller size than your final Deliverable files, which often need to be larger.

Set deadline warning appearance

You can tell AWEbase to change the color of the due date on a Deliverable or Release if it remains incomplete long enough to require a warning.

  1. Check the box to turn this feature on.

  2. Set the color you want the due date to change to when issuing a warning.

  3. Set the number of days before the due date the system should issue a warning.

Customize AWEbase by region

You can set what currency AWEbase will use, as well as customize how the system displays times and dates.

  1. Choose your native currency type from the drop-down menu.

  2. Choose how to display the date from the drop-down menu.

  3. Choose whether to display time in 12-hour or 24-hour format.

  4. This extensive list displays the currency exchange rates between your native currency and other currencies from around the world. This list is provided by the European Central Bank, and is updated about once a day, Monday through Friday. (Note that if all your Deliverables are contracted in your native currency, you can ignore these other currencies.)

  5. Set your organization's exchange rate commission. When exchanging one currency for another, the bank that provides the exchange typically charges a commission for the service. If you know what that commission rate is, enter it here, so AWEbase can more accurately calculate the cost of any Deliverables that use foreign currencies.

Delete tags

Tags are a useful tool for tracking and organizing the work your contractors are doing. If you find that you have too many tags and need to remove some, here's how to do so:

  1. Click the "Filter" button to find the tags you want to delete.

  2. Check the tags you want to delete.

  3. Select "Delete" from the "Action" button and click it to delete the selected tags.

Merge tags

In addition to deleting tags, you can also combine two or more tags into a new, single tag by merging them. Here's how:

  1. Check the tags you want to merge.

  2. Select "Merge Tags" from the "Action" button and click it to open the "Merging Tags" pop-up.

  3. Enter the name of the new tag.

  4. Click the "Continue" button to merge the tags into a new tag and close the pop-up.

Customize Title and Release

While "Title" and "Release" are default terms in AWEbase, you may wish to rename one or both of these terms to better reflect your business. For example, "Title" might be "Product Line" or "Department" for you, and "Release" might be "Product" or "Project."

Here's how to rename "Title" or set a new name for "Release" throughout AWEbase for everyone in your organization:

  1. Click the toggle switch to enable customization.

  2. Rename the term "Title" by replacing the word with your new term. (This is the singular form of the word.)

  3. Rename "Titles" by replacing the word with the plural form of your new term.

  4. Repeat steps 1-3 to rename "Releases" if you wish.

Note: Once you change the names of these terms, if you click the toggle switch for either of these elements, their names will reset to their default terms.

Customize reactions

"Reactions" are brief, canned, text responses to comments or files, such as "Approved" or "Refine." AWEbase comes with a number of pre-defined reactions, but you can customize both their text and their color to better fit your organization.

On the "Reactions" tab, you can see your organization's current reactions and the color of their text.

  1. Click the "Edit" button to change these reactions' text or colors.

  2. To change a reaction's text, select that text inside the box, and modify it as you wish.

  3. To change a reactions color, first click the "color change" icon next to the reaction, then...

  4. Click on the new color you want to use.

  5. Finally, click the "save" button to save your changes.

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