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Connect to and review organizations
Connect to and review organizations
Accept a client invitation to connect and see organization details
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The Organizations screen displays information about the clients that you're connected to, the organizations that have invited you to connect with them, and the Jobs you've done for client organizations.

When a potential client invites you to connect, you can check them out on the Organizations screen.

  1. Enter the Organizations screen, then click on the name of the organization to see its details.

  2. The contact information and other details of the organization are displayed on the screen.

  3. Click "Accept Invitation" if you wish to connect with this organization. Doing so shares your AWEbase contact information and portfolio with the organization, and allows them to send you work offers.

  4. Once you're connected to an organization, you can select the Job History tab to review and track the status of the Jobs you've done with them.

  5. You can select Organization Staff tab to see which people you've worked with at this organization.

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