AWEbase is constantly growing, improving, and changing for the better. Below is a list of the changes that the platform has undergone since its beta release.



  • The column that was sorted and the page being viewed are now saved when you navigate into a detail and back out to the list.

  • Reactions now give notifications to followers of the Deliverable.



  • Fixed an issue that would effectively allow duplicate account emails through case sensitivity; account emails are no longer case sensitive.

  • Fixed an issue preventing Contractors from viewing Reference files on a Deliverable.

1.24 - 2021-08-16

Major Feature Additions/Changes

The review interface has been revamped to improve the user interface and experience. The interface now more closely resembles an email application, with selectable comments on the left, and a main area where the selected comment and any context will appear. The full screen annotation view has also been adjusted.

Comments may now be created using rich text, allowing for formatting, hyperlinks, and emojis (among other things). Users may now also attach references directly to comments to provide instruction by uploading new files or selecting from existing reference files.

Organizations may now also add reactions to comments and review assets. Reactions are customizable canned responses similar to emoji reactions in other chat applications; rather than open a comment, staff members can now select an apt reaction quickly. Reactions can be customized in the Organization’s settings.

Other Additions

  • Added the ability to add and remove Deliverable tags in bulk from the Deliverable list.

  • Added the ability to add and remove Contractor tags in bulk from the Contractor list.

  • Added the ability to create a Release using an existing budget configuration

  • Added the ability to add and remove Contractors from Contractor groups in bulk from the Contractor list.

Other Changes

  • Users may now add tags to Deliverables during batch Deliverable creation.

  • Users may now change the Title of a Release.

  • Users may now change the Release of a draft Deliverable.

  • The name field during Contractor creation was split into first and last name.

  • Users may now filter by Contractor Groups.


  • Fixed an issue preventing invitation emails from sending.

  • Fixed an email issue that referred to Contractors as their email addresses rather than their names.

  • Fixed an issue with case sensitivity on the email reset form.

  • Fixed a validation issue preventing two-character names from being entered.

  • Breadcrumb links on Releases will now function properly.

1.20 - 2021-03-18


  • Contractors can generate and send invoices to their clients.

  • Contractors can add VAT and Tax withholdings information to their invoice.

  • Organization Staff may create payment requests based on invoices received from contractors.

  • Organization Staff may inform the Contractor that a payment for the invoice was sent.

  • Contractors can track the invoices they have sent and can mark invoices paid.


  • JobOpp titles can now be changed.

  • Replaced small "add annotation" icon with a more intuitive button.


  • Tooltips of icons in the sidebar are now fixed.

  • Various other minor fixes.

1.19 - 2021-01-29


  • Users may add followers to Deliverables and Jobs. (See here for details.)


  • Various minor fixes throughout.

1.18 - 2020-12-22


  • Users may follow Deliverables and Jobs in order to receive notifications.

  • Users may follow individual Deliverables or Jobs from their respective details screens.

  • Users may follow multiple Deliverables or Jobs from their respective lists.

  • Users will now be notified if their contract template includes misspelled or otherwise errant variables on template upload and job creation.

  • Users will now be notified if their contract template includes variables that do not contain any data on job creation.

  • Users will now be notified if their contract template does not contain the variables for the Organization's signature, the Freelancer's signature, or both.

  • Added the ability to drag and drop contract template files.


  • Disabled comment field while within the markup interface.

  • Added a category column to the Deliverable tab on the Release detail.

  • Removed the email field from the Address Info section of the Organization detail for Organizations.

  • Removed the owner's email from the Organization detail for Freelancers.

  • Organization websites are no longer required.


  • Fixed the title header on user management.

1.17 - 2020-12-08


  • Added ability to assign a Deliverable internally.

  • Added ability to reassign an internally assigned Deliverable.

  • Added ability to Cancel an internally assigned Deliverable.

  • Added ability to reset an internally assigned Deliverable.

  • Added the Delete button to the Deliverable Tools tab.


  • Allowed deletion of inactive Deliverables.

  • Changed language to accommodate for internally assigned Deliverables ('Contractor' is now 'Assigned to', and 'Staff' is now 'Coordinator').

  • Changed the 'Assigned to' filter to handle both staff and contractors.


  • Fixed an error preventing Contractor country validation.

  • Fixed a bug that hid tags from the selection dropdown.

1.16 - 2020-11-16


  • Added the ability to manage storage for Review Assets in the Admin Panel.

  • Users can now edit markers while creating new markers in the video and image interface.

  • Added "Created On" fields in the JobOpps list.

  • Added due date to the list of deliverables when creating a new job

  • In the budget quick view added the foreign currency value, and the contracted value for the deliverable.

  • Added the ability to filter deliverables by Deliverable Type.

  • Added widget to report bugs or feedback.


  • Job Name is now available when creating contract templates using the variable 'job_name'

  • Job Name is now displayed in payment requests

  • All email notifications are now turned off by default for newly created users

  • In the contract template creation dialog, selected categories are hidden from the dropdown.


  • Several Minor UX fixes​

1.15 - 2020-11-04


  • Added support for SAML single sign on

  • Added a new service that converts any .docx uploaded to the review interface into a .pdf for viewing (you can still download the original .docx)

  • Added the Job state to the header and details of a Job

  • Added the ability to create more complex annotations. Users can draw multiple markers using a variety of tools and colors before saving and adding a comment for the annotation.


  • Changed the arrangement of the Job details

  • While editing a budget, you no longer can increase the category’s budget before adding the category

  • Adding a budget category now subtracts that category’s total deliverable amount from the ‘Other Categories’ amount

  • Removing a budget category now adds that category’s total Deliverable amount to the ‘Other Categories’ amount

  • Minor pricing text changes/clarifications

  • Users may now reassign staff on an active JobOpp

  • Annotations that are currently being viewed in the review interface no longer change color, but other annotations on the same asset become translucent.

  • Clicking on an annotation in the video progress bar, no longer brings up the ‘Add an annotation’ interface, it just takes you to that point in the video.

  • Standardized the video playback progress bar to use milliseconds

  • Minor changes to the payment request template


  • Fixed an error with displaying the ‘Required’ error while using the country select dropdown

  • Fixed a bug that prevented the saving of ‘Additional Information’ in the Contractor profile

  • Fixed a bug that prevented editing of Portfolio assets

  • Correctly aligned exchange rate effects with their corresponding amount

  • Fixed a bug that would move annotations incorrectly if the window size was changed.

  • Fixed a bug preventing the annotation window from being closed on Safari

  • Fixed a bug preventing certain icons from rendering in Safari

  • Fixed a bug with email links that prevented the display of the global create button

1.14 - 2020-10-28


  • Annual subscriptions are now available.

  • Limit-increasing modules (Data Master, Storage Master, and Activity Master) are now available.

  • Added placeholders for the API Access and SAML Authentication feature modules.

  • Added a new ‘Job Name’ field to Jobs.

  • Added batch download functionality to the Storage Management screen.

  • Added links to associated Jobs and Contractors to the Deliverable detail screen.


  • Changed billing to a per user basis (removed the organization flat fee) with enforced limits and no overages for data and activity.

  • Updated the billing screen for better plan management.

  • Filters are now retained when navigating between detail and list screens of a given navigation item. (For example, if a user filters Deliverables to only those assigned to them, then navigates to one of those Deliverables and back, the list will still display the previous filter, only Deliverables assigned to them.)

  • Minor permission description changes.

  • Minor modal text changes and clarifications.

  • Minor text/status color changes.

  • Minor button color changes.

  • Minor button text changes.

  • Minor field label changes.

  • Minor UI adjustments.

  • Changed the default steps for Categories to remove ambiguity between steps and states (ie. the ‘Video’ default category had a ‘Draft’ step and a Deliverable also has a ‘Draft’ state)


  • Fixed a bug which incorrectly counted ‘Closed’ Deliverables as active.

  • Fixed a bug which allowed users without appropriate permissions to edit or delete comments.

  • Fixed a bug affecting the ‘View Annotation’ button comments; clicking the eye icon will now correctly navigate to the associated asset and annotation.

  • Fixed a bug preventing the use of the ‘Area Select’ tool while reviewing PDFs.

1.13 - 2020-10-13


  • Added asset 0 which is created once a job transitions to in progress, allowing users to add comments to the review interface prior to the first asset being uploaded.

  • Added a link from the Deliverables tab on a job to the Files tab of the associated Deliverable

  • Exposed new contractor template variables: job_staff_title, contractor_phone, deliverable.release (used with loops), organization logo, total_num_deliverables (the number of deliverables on the associated job)

  • Added 'Create New Role' button on the Roles tab of Staff Management

  • Added a direct link to Job comments from the review interface, including a small notification badge if there are any new Job comments

  • Added a portfolio url field to the Contractor app account information

  • Added additional font support for AWEbase generated contracts

  • Added additional Contractor filters


  • Various field label changes (ex. Outdated Release 'Deadline' corrected to 'Key Date', added 'Rate' following 'Exchange on the Budget tab, etc.)

  • Various button text changes (ex. Changed 'Create Contract Template' to 'Add Contract Template')

  • Various format changes (ex. Moved the terms and agreement checkbox above the sign in button when creating a Contractor account)

  • Removed the print button from Contractor Jobs, and added a download button in the contract preview interface.

  • Improved clarity for the Deliverables list on the Deliverables tab of Releases

  • Improved tooltip text

  • Reviewed and removed rigid validations where appropriate (ex. You may now enter two-letter state codes into the state field)

  • Removed Rating system from Contractors


  • Fixed an issue with vertical panning in the 3d markup interface

  • Ensured lengthy states would stay on one line in tables

  • Fixed an issue to prevent a grey/scroll bar from being rendered on the main side navigation panel

  • Job Inquiries are now accurately referred to as JobOpp inquiries in the Contractor app

  • Generic file downloads will now correctly be only initiated from the download button rather than the whole placeholder image

  • Fixed a bug preventing comments from being added to audio review assets

  • Fixed a bug preventing the download of a signed contract from the preview interface in the Contractor app

  • Amounts on the JobOpp table will no longer be truncated

  • Made the field order in Deliverable creation dialogs consistent

  • Fixed a bug that allowed users to get mostly through an edit action before being prevented by permissions

1.121 - 2020-10-07


  • Solicitations on the Organization side are now referred to as JobOpps

  • On the contractor side, they are referred to as Job Inquiries

  • New icons have been added to the application, replacing original placeholder icons


  • a bug related to annotating without comments has been fixed

  • a bug which crashed the app during previewing a contract for a Job created from a JobOpp has been fixed.

1.12 - 2020-09-25


  • Redesigned the Deliverable quick view, which now includes the most recent Review Asset

  • Improved the 3d Review interface with scene settings and support for .obj, .stl, and .fbx files (including zipped libraries of .obj and .fbx files)

  • Added an overview tab to Storage Management

  • Added individual and bulk delete functionalities to the Storage Management interface

  • Reference images may now be displayed on Solicitations. They are managed via a toggle on the Reference tab of Deliverables.

  • Highlighted which fields of a Deliverable will be shared with a Contractor. Users will be informed of the formatting until the dialog is dismissed permanently.

  • Added tooltip alerting users they do not have the appropriate permission to edit a deliverable from the Job creation modal.

  • Added ability to manage billing information from the Billing tab

  • Added file support and max file size information to the file upload modal

  • Added bulk Contractor invite functionality

  • Added ability to filter by Jobs by Assigned Staff

  • Added a confirmation dialog before deleting a Review Asset


  • Changed formatting and colors of replied-to comments

  • New organization accounts will now automatically be created as a free account. They will need to upgrade from the Billing tab in Settings (inputting their billing information as necessary).

  • Added the conditional display of a Payment Request message in the email template.

  • Changed the recommended size of Title images

  • Removed the Deliverable list initial filter

  • Only Pending Signature and In Progress Deliverables will be displayed on the Contractor’s Deliverable list by default with the ability to include the other statuses.

  • Only Draft and Active Solicitations will be displayed on the Organization’s Solicitation list by default with the ability to include Closed Solicitations.

  • Redesigned email templates

  • Updated Audit Log actions and text

  • Jobs created from Deliverables will now be automatically validated


  • Corrected validation for free plan storage limits

  • Fixed an error relating to Contractors changing their email while they had a pending invitation

  • Fixed a bug allowing users without the appropriate permission to markup a Deliverable

  • Staff and Contractor avatars now correctly display in the Deliverable detail

  • Fixed a bug preventing the resending of an invite to a Contractor if the staff changed the Contractor’s email

  • Fixed the PDF viewer to correctly include page breaks

  • Fixed a bug preventing users from creating Solicitations from selected Deliverables

  • Fixed a bug preventing users from typing anything in the Amount field before deleting the decimal point

  • Fixed a bug which automatically lowered the case of the second word in the City field.

  • Fixed a bug preventing new Categories from appearing in the Category dropdown without hard refreshing

  • Various minor text and alignment changes

1.11 - 2020-09-14


  • Ability to configure an automatically generated summary email of unread notifications at a specified interval (4 hours, daily, weekly)

  • Deliverable File storage management interface

  • Ability to configure a max file size for Reference and Showcase Files

  • Drag and drop support for Review Files, Deliverable Files, and Reference Files

  • Ability to decline a job or contract as a Contractor

  • Ability to send a personalized message when inviting a Contractor

  • Added a variant ‘Welcome’ email tailored to Solicitations

  • Added a variant ‘Welcome’ email tailored to Jobs

  • Added a field to the Contractor list displaying their connection/invite status

  • Added a new button, ‘View Markup’ displayed in the upper right of a Review File

  • Organization administrators can now edit and merge tags.


  • Expanded configuration for email notifications

  • Toolbar notification redesign

  • Reference Files may now be any file type

  • Portfolio Files may now be any file type

  • Showcase Files may now be any file type

  • Aligned all filters to use the same UI

  • Expanded a variety of filters across the Organization and Contractor apps

  • Updated ‘Deactivate’ to ‘Mark Inactive’

  • Added the comment being replied to to the reply modal

  • Focus the comment input field automatically after clicking the ‘Reply’ button


  • References are now correctly ordered from newest to oldest

  • Correctly display the inactive flag on the Contractor list

  • Correctly display the Job Completion Deadline on Deliverables for Contractors

  • Prevented the country code from being easily overwritten in the phone number field

  • Multiple minor text changes

  • Correctly open the Solicitation quick view when navigating there after clicking on a message icon

  • Hide inactive Contractors from the selection fields while creating Jobs and Solicitations

  • Align detail fields

  • Fixed an invalid link bug related to taking the contextual ‘Create Job/Solicitation with Deliverables’ action and editing a deliverable from the modal

  • Fixed the PDF preview interface to correctly display page breaks

1.10 - 2020-08-24


  • Reference file descriptions are now displayed below the file thumbnails.

  • Budget quick view added, showing the currency adjustment for individual Deliverables.

  • Video files in the .mov format are now supported.

  • Users may add comments to Jobs. Staff and contractors may now communicate with comments within the scope of a Job.

  • Users may now reply to a previous comment.

  • As a result of a Job creation UX redesign, the system now provides more feedback to during Job creation, and allows the direct editing of Deliverables from the Job creation dialog.

  • Organization administrators can now merge and delete tags.


  • The default timezone is now set to null

  • Country code phone number dropdown

  • Budget tab UI improvements

  • Skills removed from contractors

  • Global context actions are now always be displayed, but will be disabled if the selected items do not meet the criteria. Feedback is supplied via tooltips to help enable the context actions.

  • Darkened the background fo the PDF view to aid in displaying page breaks


  • Fixed a bug related to contract creation and the "preparing" status.

1.9 - 2020-08-04


  • New PDF review interface. Users can now annotate PDF files by using text highlighting or a box selection.

  • Enhanced video review interface. Users can now annotate video frames in the video review interface using the same tools available in the review interface for images.


  • Minor changes to the Payment Request summary sheet

  • Minor changes to the table UI look

  • Quick view now overlaps the data table instead of shrinking the table.

  • The audit trail is now appended to the signed version of the contract that is attached to the email communication.

  • The "i" button that open the quick view for a row can now be use to close the quick view.


  • Various fixes and improvements​

1.8.2 - 2020-07-13


  • Fixed an issue that prevented the creation of Deliverables if the home currency was set to EUR.

  • Fixed an issue that was not displaying EUR in the home currency list.

1.8.1 - 2020-07-09


  • Fixed an issue in the Solicitation details -> Contractor tab that was causing the application to crash when the user clicked the briefcase button.

  • Fixed an issue that prevented removing contractors from the dropdown in the Create Group form and Create Solicitation form, after adding duplicate contractors. Now the interface no longer allows adding duplicate contractors.

  • Multiple minor label text fixes for the Payment Request feature.

1.8 - 2020-07-08


  • Organization staff can now specify a foreign currency when setting a Deliverable amount. The system supports 32 currencies that are updated daily from the EU Central Bank API.

  • An organization Admin can add an exchange rate commission in the regional UI.

  • The regional UI display the exchange rate for the foreign currencies.

  • Release Budget provides information on the exchange rate impact on the budget.


  • Removed the ability to Budget by Total and replaced it with a Category called Other Category. The user can still budget by total by using the Other Category.

  • Jobs can only be created with Deliverables that share the same currency.

  • When a Job is created, the system will now check if the Deliverables are within their respective Release budgets. If there is not enough budget available, the Job creation will not proceed.

1.7 - 2020-07-01


  • Organization Staff can now create multiple payment requests within a job. This feature replaces the Order to Pay functionality.

  • Organization Staff can upload an invoice while creating a Payment Request. The invoice gets appended to a pdf file after a summary page.

  • Organization Staff can attach the job contract to the payment request pdf, so that it can be reviewed by the accounting department.

  • Organization Staff can review the Payment Request pdf before the email is sent to the accounting dept. email address.


  • A job is no longer closed automatically after a Payment request is sent. Organization Staff will now have to close the job manually, once all the deliverables in the job are completed.


  • Minor UI fixes to the Deliverable Details interface.

1.6 - 2020-06-22


  • The Deliverable review interface now allows a user to upload different types of files for the same Deliverable, without limiting the user to the Deliverable's category.


  • The Deliverable Step and Deliverable State are now merged into a single column in the Deliverable List. When the Deliverable is in the IN PROGRESS state, the Deliverable Step is displayed instead of the IN PROGRESS state.

  • Change the name of the Job state from Awaiting Signature to Pending Signature.


  • Various UI fixes

1.5 - 2020-06-09


  • Application now sends email notifications for Deliverable comments, Solicitation comments, uploaded Review Asset, uploaded Final File.

  • Users can now mark Assignable a batch of Deliverables using an action in the Deliverable List.

  • In the Deliverable Review interface, users can now remove Review Assets that do not have associated comments.

  • Users have the option on the Staff and Contractor profile to mute email notifications for new comments on Deliverables and Solicitations.

  • Added handling of an edge case when the organization changes the email for a contractor after the organization invites the contractor to AWEbase.


  • Remove the print button from the organization Job view.

  • Added job creation field in the contractor Job View.

  • Due Date from and to fields for Deliverable filters are now displayed in the same column next to each other.


  • Fixed ray-casting issue in the 3D interface.

  • Fixed issue with validation on the Website field for the Organization

  • Fixed issue in Settings->Organization that was causing the application to display a white screen when the user was clicking the x on a blank value.

  • Several minor display fixes.

1.4 - 2020-06-04


  • The bug that was limiting the contractor email to 30 characters during editing is now fixed.

  • Issue that was preventing the upload of the glb files.


  • The application now remembers if the user changes the number of item per page on a list.

  • The application is now displaying the uploaded file name for files uploaded to the backend

  • When a user uploads a contract with error in the template variables a user friendly message with a link to the documentation is displayed.

  • Contract template File, Job associated files and final files display the name of the file that was originally uploaded.


  • Organization Admin can now delete steps and types for a Category.

1.2.1 - 2020-05-21


  • Fixed an issue with the Deliverable filters that was crashing when the user saved the filters with a particular order of operations.

  • Fixed an issue with the Deliverable List that was displaying the inactive deliverable by default.

  • Fixed an issue with theCreate Deliverable Dialog that was returning an error if the user was trying to create a Deliverable belonging to a category with no budget available and then changing the category and retrying the deliverable creation.

  • Fixed an issue with the storage usage in the admin billing that was always showing 0GB. Now the Storage usage is accurate and showing the correct value.

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