Sometimes, after a request to pay a contractor has been submitted, you may wish to revoke that request. Perhaps the request was made for the wrong amount, submitted too early, or needs to be canceled because of changes in the project. In any case, here is how to decline a payment request.

  1. Go to the Jobs screen and click on the name of the Job for which you wish to decline payment.

  2. Select the "Payment Requests" tab.

  3. Click the "information" icon next to the payment request you want to decline. This will bring up the payment request information panel.

  4. Click the "Revoke Payment Request" button on the payment request information panel.

  5. Enter your reason for revoking the payment request.

  6. Click the "Revoke Payment Request" button to send a message to your organization's Financial Email canceling the payment request.

If you submitted the payment request as part of processing the contractor's invoice, note that revoking the payment request will revert that invoice's status from "Processing" to "Submitted." You will need to either process that invoice again (and thus create a new payment request), or decline it altogether.

Note: While you can use AWEbase to make or revoke a payment request, AWEbase does not track or send actual payments to the contractor. To discuss processing and tracking payments, contact your organization's financial team.

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