Sometimes, you may want to hide a Deliverable so that it doesn't automatically appear on the Deliverables screen or in any drop-down menus. If that's the case, you can mark that Deliverable as "inactive."

Note that you can only mark a Deliverable inactive while its status is "Draft" or "Assignable." Once you have created a Job that includes a Deliverable, you can no longer mark that Deliverable inactive.

  1. Go to the Deliverables screen and click on the name of the Deliverable you want to mark inactive.

  2. Select the "Tools" tab.

  3. Click the "Mark Inactive" button.

Note: While you may delete a Release and delete a Title, you can't delete a Deliverable, but only mark it inactive. (If you close a Job, you also close all Deliverables associated with that Job, which also removes them from the Deliverables screen and menus.)

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