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Communicating with contractors
Communicating with contractors

Use comments and replies to keep feedback flowing and projects on track

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AWEbase not only allows you to communicate with your contractors from within the application itself, but allows you to do so within the specific context of your projects, so you and they are always on the same page.

Communication is handled through comments that you and the contractor send to each other. There are three contexts for comments:


When you send a JobOpp Inquiry to a contractor, you are starting a conversation about an upcoming project you would like their help with. JobOpp comments help continue that conversation.

  • See this guide for complete details on how to exchange JobOpp comments with your contractor.


Once a contractor has signed onto a Job, you may wish to discuss additional details that aren't covered by the Deliverables, or that come up over the course of the project. Job comments help you have that discussion.

  • See this guide for complete details on how to exchange Job comments with your contractor.

Deliverable Files

The most common type of comments, Deliverable file review comments help you and the contractor go over specific aspects of Deliverable files they have uploaded for review.

  • See this guide for complete details on how to review, mark up, and add comments to different types of files.

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