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Follow a Job or Deliverable
Follow a Job or Deliverable

Follow a project even if it's not assigned to you

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It's often useful to keep track of a project that you're not otherwise connected to. It can be especially useful for managers and other who need visibility into various projects in their departments. In order to do so, you may follow a Job or a Deliverable.

When you follow a Job or Deliverables, you receive a notification when someone adds a comment, file, or review asset to it. (Learn about changing your notification settings.)

With AWEbase, you can:

  • add staff members as followers to projects you feel are important to them (as detailed here), and

  • follow projects as you see fit, as detailed below.

To follow a Job or Deliverable:

  1. Go to the Deliverables or Jobs screen and click on the Deliverable or Job you wish to follow.

  2. Click the bell-shaped "Follow" icon. This will increase the number of followers, and add your name to the list of followers.


  • To unfollow a project, simply click the "Follow" icon again.

  • When you follow a Job, you have the option of following all Deliverables associated with that Job.

  • Likewise, when you unfollow a Job, you have the option of unfollowing all its Deliverables, but can keep following them if you wish.

To follow (or unfollow) multiple Jobs or Deliverables at once:

  1. Go to the Jobs or Deliverables screen.

  2. Check the boxes next to the Jobs or Deliverables you wish to follow or unfollow.

  3. Choose "Follow" or "Unfollow" from the "Action" drop-down menu.

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