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Close a partially-completed Job
Close a partially-completed Job

How to close a Job with some Deliverables still outstanding

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In AWEbase, you can only close a Job when all of its Deliverables have been marked Completed. But sometimes, only some of a Job's Deliverables are complete, but you still want to close the Job.

For instance, an artist may be contracted to create five illustrations (Deliverables), but is only able to deliver three. Or maybe you contracted a writer for six chapters, but discovered later you only needed five. In both cases, you want to resolve the Deliverables that have been delivered, while separating the other Deliverable to be re-assigned or cancelled.

Because you can't close a Job until all of its Deliverables have been marked "completed" you need to do the following:

Cancel the original Job

  1. Go to the Jobs screen and click on the name of the Job you would like to partially close.

  2. If you want to keep a copy of the Job's contract, select the "Contract" tab, click the "View signed contract" button, then click "Download PDF."

  3. Select the "Deliverables" tab of that Job and note which Deliverables are already marked "completed."

  4. Click on each "completed" Deliverable, then click the "Reopen" button at the top of the screen. This will revert each of the Deliverables to the "In Progress" state.

  5. Once all the Job's Deliverables are marked "In Progress," cancel the Job.

Create a new Job

Once the Job is cancelled, you need to create a new Job using the Deliverables noted in Step 3, above. As part of creating the job, you may either:

  • create a new contract and send it to the contractor for signature, or

  • choose the "Proceed without contract" option.

In either case, you may wish to make a note that the new job is a partially-complete version of the original job, and attach a PDF of the original contract (downloaded in Step 2, above) as an "Associated File" on the Contract tab.

Close the new Job

Once the new Job is ready, mark each of its Deliverables "Completed" then close the Job. The remaining Deliverables are ready to be added to another contract.

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