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Adding Your Health Information
Adding Your Health Information

How to create Backpack health entries

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Your Backpack is meant to hold all of your health info in one place! Fill it up by following the steps below. 

Note: You can also import health records automatically by connecting to your patient portals.

To create a new health entry:

First, if you care for someone else, make sure you’re in the right Backpack.

1. Select Health Info from the Main Menu.

2. Select the Add button ⨁ on the bottom right.

3. Choose the type of health entry you'd like to add from the menu. 

4. Either select an item from the list of Examples or search for a medical term and select from results. 

Now you can add as much detail as you want, as well as write comments, attach files, and add provider contacts. When you’re finished, select DONE in the top right corner.

Tip: You can search in any of the languages we support (English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, French and Italian)! This is especially handy if you’re traveling abroad and want to add a new medication. You can switch your language by selecting the globe icon in the search field.

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