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Adding & Editing a File, Photo, or Video
Adding & Editing a File, Photo, or Video
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To add additional documentation to your Backpack:

  1. Click on Health Info from the main menu of the profile you are currently in 

  2. Select Files 

  3. Then, select the upload icon in the bottom right corner

  4. If you are on an iOS or Android device, select the document type you’d like to add to your backpack (photo, video or upload from device) and select the file you want to upload. On iOS and Android, you can select items from your camera roll or photo library

  5. On a web browser, directly select items from your computer file source.

  6. Edit the file name and flag the item if you’d like. By default, Files have the date of upload but you can change this at any time

  7. Click the checkmark to upload it

  8. Click Done to save it

Once you have items in your Backpack you can attach them to your current or new Health Entries. You can also add files, photos or video from within a Health Entry as well. To do so:

  1. Select the Health Entry you wish to add a file to

  2. Select Attach a file

  3. Select the source from which your file will come from (from your Backpack, your device, take a video, etc.). 

  4. Edit the file name and flag the item if you’d like. By default, files have the date of upload but you can change this at any time.

Helpful Tip - Adding an attachment is great, but to make it even more useful, add a Health entry first and attach the file, note, or video to it. This helps collect the right information about your attachment to ensure your Backpack is as useful as possible!

To edit or delete an entry, select the one you would like, and then select the banner at the bottom. This will bring you into the file details and edit screen where you can view, adjust your information, or select the trash can icon in the bottom right corner to delete the entry. Flag an entry for quicker identification when browsing your information.

Supported File Types

Each Backpack account has a total limit of 50 GB.

You can upload any type of file into your Backpack, from a photo, a document, a video or even an audio file.

Looking to add a folder or a CD? You can first .ZIP the contents and then upload as one set.

Note: if you’re using Backpack from an Android device or from the web, there may be some files that you can’t view directly from within Backpack. However, you can download the file at any time to open it from your device and the original file will remain stored in your Backpack.

If you try to open a file that can’t be viewed from within Backpack, you will see the following message:

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