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What devices and platforms do you support?
What devices and platforms do you support?

A list of supported devices, browsers and versions for iOS, Android and web.

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You can use Backpack Health on your mobile device, web browser, or both! Your info will stay synced up, so feel free to manage your health the way that's most convenient for you at any given time. 

For the best, most seamless experience, you'll want to access Backpack using tools we fully support. Please see below for more information about our supported operating systems and browsers.

Mobile App

The Backpack Health app is available to download on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Android phones, and Android tablets. 

Operating System                 Versions

iOS                                              iOS 12.0 and above
Android                                      Android 5.0 and above          

Web Browsers

You can sign up, log in and use Backpack Health on the web anytime by going to  

Browser                                 Versions

Chrome                                     Last 2 major versions
Safari                                         Last 2 major versions
Firefox                                       Last 2 major versions         

Note: By “major” versions, we basically just mean versions with lots of noticeable updates.

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