Yes! We’re always working to improve our lists of terms and our search function. But, in the meantime we can provide some guidelines to search. If you’ve entered something and you’re getting no results (or results that don’t make sense), you can:

  • Try entering terms without any abbreviations. Write the whole term out if you know it.

  • Take out any characters that aren’t letters (for example: (), %, #,/, etc.)

  • Look at  your medical records for the specific spelling or word ordering of a term. Often you’ll see a medical term next to a number code (like a diagnosis code or procedure code) –  try entering the term that’s associated with the code.

  • For Allergies, if you’re not finding something in the Food Allergy or Medication Allergy section, try searching in Other Allergies. 

  • For Medications, try entering the name exactly as it’s written on your prescription or the packaging.

Still not finding what you're looking for? Let us know and we'll do our best to find out why.

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