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When to Use a Share Card PDF or URL
When to Use a Share Card PDF or URL
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You have several options when it comes to how you want to share your health information. You can share any Share Card as a PDF, or share the most up to date information with a secure URL. Either way, you’re in control of making sure that your information is shared with the right people when it matters most.

Share Card PDFs

With a PDF you can quickly share your health information via email or text. You can also print this out (but think about the trees!) if required. PDFs are great when you want to create a snapshot of your information to share at a particular moment in time. 

PDFs are great for:

  • Emailing to a summer camp or after school program (create a custom Share Card for school or camp)

  • Sharing with a new doctor to give an overall picture your health (think, Health History Share Card)

To share via PDF, just tap or click on the Share Card you want to send, and select the “Share PDF” icon at the bottom left.

Share Card URLs

With the unique, secure URL that comes on each Share Card, you can share once and never need to share again because the information is updated as you edit the Share Card in your Backpack! This is great when you want someone to have an ongoing feed of particular information. 

URLs are great for:

  • Emergency information that can be accessed instantly anywhere 

  • A childcare provider (like a babysitter or nurse) who needs ongoing access to health information, like current medications, as it’s updated

  • Family member or emergency contact who needs access to you or your loved one’s health info 

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