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Your role as a Group administrator determines what you're able to do for that Group, like managing the users of the group dashboard.

If you're the Group Owner or Manager, you can view the roles of other Group administrators from your Group’s homepage. By selecting Users on the left (or your group logo in the upper-left corner of your account, and then Users), you’ll be able to view all active, pending, and deactivated users.

Here are some basic descriptions of each role in a Group:

  • Owner - The person who created the group. This person manages the group information and has full control over managing users. 

  • Manager - Managers are only restricted on their ability to manage the Owner and delete the group. They also have the ability to edit and manage group information and users.

  • Viewer - This is for anyone the Owner or Manager has allowed to view the group dashboard.

Permissions by Role

This is a list of what each group administrator can do by role:

Changing Someone’s Role

If you need to change the role of one of your group administrators, just follow these instructions.

Changing Owners
(Owner Only)

  • To change the Owner of a group, another current Owner of the group needs to do this. First, access the Users tab and select a new user to become an Owner. Once selected, you can change their role. You may have as many Owners of a group at a time.

Changing Managers to Viewers (Owners & Managers)

  • When you’re in your Users tab, select the user you would like to change from Manager to Viewer.

  • Once selected, you can change their role. This happens automatically without the need to confirm.

Deactivating Users (Owners & Managers)

  • To deactivate a user from your Group admin page, select the Users tab, and the user you would like to deactivate. From here, you can select “Deactivate User” and immediately deactivate them, removing them from your Group Admins

Reactivating & Reinstating Users

  • No matter what role a user had when they were deactivated, they're viewers when reactivated. 

  • A Group Manager or Owner is required to change a user from a viewer to a Manager.

  • Only Group Owners can change users from Managers to Owners

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