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Providing and Withdrawing Consent

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Account Creation 

To create your Backpack Health account, we need you to agree to our: 

We also need your:

Email address
We use your email address to create your account (that's how you'll log in) and to send service-related emails (like if you need to reset your password).

Communication preferences
You can choose to receive emails with news about Backpack Health features and releases, tips and tricks, and other useful information (about 1-2 emails a month). You can also choose to receive emails from other companies we work with (either way, we’ll never share your email address with any third parties). You can update your preferences from your Account Settings in the app anytime. 

User Profile Setup

To set up your Backpack profile, we need you to agree to provide your: 

We ask for names so that we can personalize the Backpack Health experience. Except as expressly provided in our Privacy Policy, we don’t share names or any other information in the data we collect. 

Country (and U.S. state)
Backpack Health asks for country or U.S. state of residence to learn about the demographics of our users and to ensure we’re meeting the legal age requirements specific to your location.

Date of birth
We ask for date of birth to make sure users are old enough to use Backpack Health for themselves, and to determine when you’re old enough to accept an invitation to manage your own health yourself on the app. We also use it to learn about the demographics of our users.  

We ask for gender and sex assigned at birth to personalize Backpack Health and also to learn about the demographics of our users. With your consent, researchers use this pseudonymized, or coded, data to better understand the health needs of different populations and work towards resolving disparities of care. 

We also need you to agree to our: 

Health Information Privacy Policy
As you use Backpack Health, you can choose to enter information about your health or the health of your loved ones. You don't have to provide any health information for anyone since all health-related fields are optional. We use this information – as well as any files or notes added to Backpack – to provide the Backpack Health service.

Dependent Profile Creation

To set up a profile for someone you care for, we need you to agree to provide the same information listed above, as well as to provide your: 

Legal Authorization
In order to add a profile for someone else to your Backpack Health account, you must be legally authorized to consent, on their behalf, to the use and sharing of that person’s information. This means you are the person’s legally authorized representative (e.g. parent, individual with parental authority, power of attorney, or guardian).

Withdrawing Consent

You have the option not to agree to our policies at any time during the signup process, and the option to withdraw consent anytime after that. Withholding or withdrawing consent will immediately stop the creation of your account or delete your existing account. It will also delete your profile, if it’s been set up, as well as any unshared dependent profiles you have access to.

You also have the option to withdraw consent for any unshared dependent profiles you create. Doing so will delete the profile immediately, but your account will remain active. 

If you co-manage a dependent profile with another Backpack Health user or users, you’ll need to ask all other users with access to remove their access before you can withdraw consent for the profile. Even if you delete your account, the shared profile won’t be deleted, though your access to it will be removed. A dependent’s Backpack profile can only be deleted by the only/last remaining person with access to it. 

To view, manage, or withdraw consent for an existing profile (including your own), just select Profile from the Main Menu and switch the navigation tab to Privacy

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