Deleting an Account

If our time together has come to an end, you can select to Delete Account from your Account Subscription within the main menu.

Deleting your Backpack Health and it’s profiles is final. Once you delete your account, it will be gone permanently.

Withdrawing Consent

At any time during the sign up process, you have the option to not consent to our Privacy Policy. Doing so will immediately stop the creation of your account (or dependent profile) and delete it.

If you are already a Backpack Health user and decide not to consent to the Privacy Policy and Health Information Policy, we’ll confirm your selection and immediately delete your account and all dependent profiles associated with it. If you co-manage a profile, your access will be removed. 

You can withdraw your consent at any time when you’re editing your profile information, or by going to the Privacy section of the Profile that you are withdrawing consent from.

Account Access

Manage who you’ve shared your Backpack with and their access at anytime from the Main Menu by selecting Access and adjusting as needed. In addition, you can always switch to and manage the other profiles within your Backpack by selecting their initial or profile photo from the Main Menu. 

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