Backpack Health is an app where information about you and your health is stored. Depending on your age and location, your Backpack may be under the control of your parents or guardians – the people who set it up for you. 

Whether you’re a younger user of Backpack Health or if your health information is managed by someone through Backpack Health, we want you to know you’re welcome here and that we’ll do everything to protect the privacy of your information. We’ll never share the parts of your information that can directly identify you, such as your name and date of birth. Backpack Health removes all pieces of information that can identify you while still making your anonymous data useful for research.

When we ask you to share identifying information with Backpack Health, we’ll always tell you why we’re asking for it. Here are some examples of information you’ll need to share with Backpack Health in order to use the app. 


We ask for your name so that we can personalize Backpack Health. We don’t share names or any other information that could identify who you are in the data we collect.


Backpack Health asks for your country or U.S. state of residence to learn where our users are located.  We also use this information to make sure we are meeting any special requirements that your country or U.S. state may have.

Date of Birth

Backpack Health asks for date of birth to make sure users are old enough to use the app by themselves.  We also use this information to learn about the ages of our users.

Health Information

As you or your parent or guardian use Backpack Health, you or they can choose to enter information about your health.  Any health information you or they put in your Backpack is optional.  We use this information – as well as any files or notes added to Backpack – to provide the Backpack Health service.

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