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Young People & Backpack Health
Young People & Backpack Health

What to explain to your child about how their health data is managed.

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Backpack Health is an app for storing, tracking, sharing, and even translating health information. It’s designed to help entire families work together to manage their health, no matter where they are. Depending on your age and location, you might not legally be old enough to use Backpack Health on your own behalf. But until then, your parent or guardian can manage and share your health information by creating a Backpack profile for you. They’ll also have the option to invite you to own your profile and manage your information yourself when you’re old enough to do so according to the laws where you live.   

If your health information is managed by someone else on Backpack Health, first of all, welcome! Secondly, we want you to know that we do everything we can to protect the privacy of your information. All of the information stored on Backpack Health is encrypted – that means it’s coded in such a way that even if someone could access it, they’d have no way to understand it. 

Your parent or guardian can choose to enter information about your health on Backpack Health. Adding health information for you is optional, and is used to provide the Backpack Health service. There are also a few additional pieces of personal information that we require in order to create a Backpack Health profile. We’d like you to know what they are and why:


We ask for names so that we can personalize the Backpack Health experience, and to help your parents or guardians know which Backpack profile they’re in! Except as expressly provided in our Privacy Policy, we don’t share names or any other information in the data we collect. 


Backpack Health asks for country or U.S. state of residence to learn about the demographics of our users and to ensure we’re meeting the legal age requirements specific to your location.

Date of Birth

We ask for date of birth to make sure users are old enough to use Backpack Health for themselves, and to determine when you’re old enough to accept an invitation to manage your own health yourself on the app. We also use it to learn about the demographics of our users.  


We ask for gender and sex assigned at birth to personalize Backpack Health and also to learn about the demographics of our users. With your parent or guardian’s consent, researchers use this pseudonymized data to better understand the health needs of different populations and work towards resolving disparities of care. “Pseudonymized” means that your information cannot be linked to you without the use of additional info, such as a code, which will be kept secure by Backpack.

We hope you’ll take over your Backpack when you can, and that it will be filled with useful information to help you manage your health! 

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