Backpack Health is designed to carry all your health info in one place, including records from your doctor. With Data Connections, you can link Backpack to participating patient portals and import data automatically.   

  • Add electronic health records to Backpack from multiple providers.
  • Get notified about new records when they become available.
  • Attach notes and files, update and share details, and build a more complete picture of your health.     

Beta: Data Connections is brand new, and we’re still working to perfect it. Eventually we want to support health portals and wearable devices all over the world – but for now: 

  • This feature is only available for users and providers in the U.S., in English. 
  • Not all portals are supported. A portal might not be supported even if it’s included in search results. In some cases, it can take up to two business days to determine whether a portal is supported or not.
  • We’re not able to process every type of health record just yet, but we’ll be adding more. (Stay tuned!)

In the meantime, if you’re affected by the restrictions above or have other feedback about Data Connections, please get in touch with us. We’d love to hear from you – you can click below to chat with us, or email us at  


Set Up a Data Connection

Before you can set up a connection, you’ll need login credentials for your provider’s patient portal. Not all providers have a portal to access electronic health records, but if they do, you can usually find it on their website and create an account there.

  1. Navigate to the person’s Backpack you want to set up a connection for – this could be your own, or one of your loved ones’. (Make sure this is the Backpack where you want health records to be added.)
  2. Select Data Connections from the Main Menu.
  3. Select Get connected.
  4. Select Add a Connection
  5. Choose to search by Office name, Doctor name, or Portal website address.
  6. Search for and select your provider or portal from results. If you don’t see your provider right away, keep scrolling – they might be further down the list of search results. 
  7. Enter your login credentials for the portal and select Connect.

Tip: We think the easiest way to search is by Portal website address and entering just the domain, e.g.

You’ll then see one of the following:

  • If it takes some time to investigate whether the portal is supported, you’ll see the message “Connection status: Pending portal”. 
  • Once the portal is connected, you’ll see the message “Connection status: Connected”. We’ll try to fetch data right away, but it may take up to an hour for health records to appear in Backpack. 
  • If your provider’s portal is not currently supported, you’ll see the message “Connection status: Not supported”. 

Check for New Health Records from Patient Portals

Backpack will try to fetch data from a connected portal once a week. But you can also check for new records manually: 

  1. Navigate to the person’s Backpack you think new health records are available for – this may be your own or one of your loved ones’.
  2. Select Data Connections from the Main Menu.
  3. Select the portal connection you’d like to check for new health records.
  4. Select to Refresh connection/Download new records.

Review & Accept Health Records from Patient Portals

When there are new health records available, you’ll see a message at the top of Health Info view. From there, you’ll be able to review the records and choose whether to add them all to Backpack, or to remove them. 

Tip: If some records from your portal include information already saved and/or information you don’t want to keep; you can always edit them after you add them to Backpack. But if you choose to Remove all, all the records will be permanently removed, and you won’t have the option to add any of them to Backpack again. 

Learn more about editing and deleting health entries from your Backpack 

  1. Navigate to a Backpack with pending health records – this may be your own, or one of your loved ones’.
  2. Select Review and add to Backpack.
  3. Review the health records.
  4. Select Add all to Backpack or No, don’t add
  5. Confirm to Add / Remove all the records. (Removing them is permanent and this can’t be undone.) 

Remove a Data Connection

If you no longer want to be connected to a portal, you can disconnect it at any time. Any health records you’ve already accepted from it or we’ve already fetched will remain in Backpack, but you won’t receive new records after disconnecting.

  1. Navigate to the Backpack you want to remove a connection from – this may be your own, or one of your loved ones’. 
  2. Select Data Connections from the Main Menu.
  3. Select the connected portal you want to remove.
  4. Select Delete this connection
  5. Confirm to Delete connection.

Important Information

  • Backpack Health uses technology provided by a third party, Medfusion Inc., to connect to your patient portals and retrieve your health records. They take privacy seriously and abide by their Privacy Policy.
  • If a Backpack is shared, other users with access will see the same pending records you do, even if you have not accepted them yet. If you only want to give someone partial or temporary access to information in a Backpack, consider sharing a Share Card with them.

Give us Feedback

We’re just getting started, and we want to know how to make Data Connections work best for you. Let us know what you think – click below to chat with us, or email us at

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