The great thing about Share Cards is that you decide what information gets added onto them.

When you create an account on Backpack Health, you automatically get assigned an Emergency Share Card and a Health History Share Card.

Key information (like your name and date of birth) is automatically added to your Emergency Share Card to ensure that it’s available in the case of an emergency. To change what’s shown on your Emergency Share Card, simply tap or click Edit on the card and select or de-select the information you choose. 

By default, all of the information you add into your Backpack gets added to the Health History Share Card. This is so you can have a complete picture of all of your health information and be able to share that easily. You can still edit this card at any time, adding or removing any information that’s included on it. To do so, simply tap or click Edit on the card and select or de-select the information you choose. 



Creating a Share Card and adding health information to it

If you’re wanting to share specific information with someone, you can do this with a custom Share Card. You can make as many as you want, for different people or scenarios and include only the pieces of info that are necessary.

To create a new Share Card and add health information to it:

  1. Click on Share Cards from the main menu

  2. Click on the + sign and then the Share Card you’d like to create (Custom or Food Allergy)

  3. Select the information you want to include on the Share Card


Creating a health entry and adding it immediately to a Share Card

As you fill your Backpack with health information, you can decide to incorporate these straight away into different Share Cards, by following these steps:

  1. Click on Health Info from the Main Menu

  2. Click on the + sign and then select the type of health info you want to add to your Backpack

  3. Input the health entry’s information

  4. Select the Share Card(s) you wish to add this info to

If you’re unsure about wanting to add this health info to a Share Card when you create it, you can always go back to it at a later date, by simply opening the health info and selecting the Share Card(s) you want to add it to.

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